Domain Transfers

A registrar is a company that sells domain names, to own a domain you must have it registered. 

Some Example Registrars: 
Network Solutions

If you own a domain, you can transfer ownership or "registrars". What is the difference between transferring ownership or registrars?

  • If you transfer registrars this means you had the domain registered but now want it registered with another company(registrar). There can be various reasons for transferring your domain to a new registrar including pricing.
  • If you transfer ownership this means you've sold the domain to someone else and they now wish for it to be registered under their name. In order to register the domain with the new owner, you must transfer the domain.
  • Each domain registrar has the ability to initiate a domain transfer, you may need to call in for more details if it's not outlined well in their documentation (or easily achievable via their Domain Management Software).
To transfer the domain to a new owner or new registrar you'll need to know the transfer secret, also known as EPP Code. The EPP Code is a randomly generated complex code by a domain registrar that can contain numbers, letters, and special characters. Registrars are only permitted to provide the code to the registered owner of the domain as it appears on a  whois query. Once the EPP Code is generated, it's only valid for a limited time.
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